Fertility Massage / Womb Healing

Massage for the body, mind and soul.

Fertility Massage Therapy  / Womb Healing (or Women’s Wellness Massage as I like to call it) is my absolute favourite therapy to give (and receive) and I believe every woman should experience this massage as it is so physically and emotionally nurturing. Using a combination of massage techniques,  healing and indigenous ritual, it helps reconnect us back to our body, our womb our divine femininity, a part of us that has become lost in this very masculine world.

This treatment is so deeply nurturing and nourishing that I highly recommend every women experience this very unique style of massage whether they have just started menstruation, are trying to conceive, are struggling with self worth, have just given birth or have become disconnected following birth, are going through the menopause or have suffered from any gynaecological disorder that has disconnected women from their wombs – their sacral powerhouse of creativity, pleasure and worth.

On a physical aspect the massage focuses on the muscles, ligaments and nerves of the abdominal and sacral areas of the body. By easing the muscles of the mid and lower back and hips we help release tension and restriction into the pelvis. In the abdomen, attention is given to the digestive system which is key to a healthy body and well functioning immune system, as well as the lower abdominal space which is home to the reproductive organs that are held in place by muscles and ligaments. By physically using deep yet gentle massage techniques and rocking movements, we can assist the flow of blood and lymph around the pelvis and uterus which help carry hormones and nutrients around the body.

As well as working on a physical level I also incorporate healing and energy work as the womb is a place deep trauma and negative emotions can be stored. Women who have experienced termination, miscarriage, pregnancy and infant loss can carry a lot of grief within their body which can be gently and safely released in a nurturing space. To assist with this process I often incorporate beautiful guided visualisations which can help connect women with their womb’s and create positive thoughts and feelings towards their body. 

As well as massage, healing and guided visualisations, I finish each massage with a traditional technique from Mexico of using rbozo shawls to wrap and cocoon my clients to assist them into a deeper state of relaxation, inner peace and balance.

Fertility Massage Therapy / Womb Healing is a wonderful therapy that can be used alongside reflexology and I even offer a longer combination treatment which includes both these treatments for an extremely blissful experience.

Fertility Massage helps to realign the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

At the first session I will conduct a thorough consultation to listen to my client’s journey and experiences in order for me to understand how I can best support them. Many come with varying needs and it is important to uncover any emotional as well as physical blocks that there may be to conception.

I have used Fertility Massage to help clients through miscarriage, with endometriosis, PCOS and ovulation issues, with thin womb lining and preparation for IVF. I also use the treatment for those with digestive issues who are not trying to conceive. As well a the physical support it is really powerful in supporting the emotional aspect of conception and realigning mind, body and spirit.

Fertility Massage can be used safely and effectively with reflexology, acupuncture and medicated cycles.

Please get in touch for an informal chat if you would like to find out whether Fertility Massage Therapy may be of benefit to you.