Treatment Prices:

I offer a range of wonderful treatment options to suit the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of everyone interested in prioritising their own self care and healing.

For multiple sessions please look at my treatment package options that can save you money.

If you are a friend, colleague or family member who would like to show your love and support, I offer gift certificates which you can purchase here

Holistic Therapies for Men and Women

  • Deluxe 90 minute Holistic Combination Treatment £75
  • Holistic Massage and Bodywork 90 minutes £75
  • Holistic Massage and Bodywork £55
  • Reflexology £50
  • Metamorphic Touch £50
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques £55

Package: Buy 5 Reflexology sessions get 1 free £250

Fertility Services

  • Initial Fertility Reflexology 90 minute Consultation £75
    This involves a thorough consultation, treatment plan and taster reflexology session.
  • Initial Fertility Massage 90 minute Consultation £80
    This involves a consultation and an hours fertility massage session with advice on self care and massage.
  • Fertility Reflexology £50
  • Fertility Massage £60
  • EFT for releasing negative emotions or blocks £55
  • Fertility Massage and Reflexology 90 minute combination treatment £80


  • Fertility Package covering  treatments in total, enough to cover a whole menstrual cycle or 4 weeks worth of treatments. Sessions include a 90minute consultation and taster, a fertility massage and 2 reflexology sessions.
  • Buy 5 Reflexology sessions get 1 free £250

Nurturing Pregnancy Support

  • Luxury Mama to Be 2 hour Birth Preparation Treatment £100
  • Deluxe Mama to Be 90 minute Combination Treatment £80
  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy 1 hour £60
  • Pregnancy Reflexology 1 hour £50
  • EFT for managing strong emotions or challenging situations in pregnancy £55


  • Buy 5 reflexology sessions for 6 £250
  • Blissed out Mama Package £200 – Includes 2 x 90 minute Deluxe Mama Combination Treatments and a Postnatal Closing the Bnes massage treatment too!

Postnatal Treatments

  • Postnatal Rejuvenation 90 minute treatment; a fusion of closing the bones massage, reflexology, reiki, metamorphic touch or EFT £80
  • Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage 1 hour £60
  • Postnatal Pampering Home Visit 90 minutes £85
  • EFT for releasing emotions or memories associated with a challenging birth experience £55