“I really liked your tailored approach.  I found that the ball work was great and energising. The work on my shoulder blades really helped my back and your recommendation of the ball when I am working has made me less stiff. The tummy massage reminded me that I am actually pregnant. The massages were great, the right firmness and you really feel that you are being looked after”.


“I had a very complicated and emotional pregnancy and the care and compassion that was given to me helped me through a very difficult time. Victoria enabled me to connect with my baby and I found her energetic work deeply relaxing and calming. She was amazing.”


“Regular massage helped my shoulder flexibility enabling more efficient swimming technique and helped clear the lactic acid build up in my muscles. Regular massage  helped me gain a place in the GB Team for the World Triathlon Championships.”


“I’ve really benefitted from my fertility massage treatment for miscarriage. I feel like the treatment has helped process things emotionally and was very cathartic – it felt like my own little ceremony and a chance to accept that I am upset and that’s ok but also to say goodbye. So, thank you very much, I really appreciate it and your warm, kind manner.”


“Victoria is an amazing therapist she really helped me have a lovely a pregnancy.  I started to see Victoria early on in my pregnancy as I was suffering with a bad back and was feeling some stress and anxiety. Victoria kept my back pain free and gave me helpful exercises. Victoria also helped keep me calm and positive with her relaxation and breathing techniques, I really liked Victoria’s approach and attitude towards pregnancy and birth and her kindness. I definitely found the treatments really benefited me throughout my pregnancy and am very grateful to Victoria.”

“I received regular massage treatments throughout my pregnancy which I found really helped my back which was really bad with my first pregnancy. I had a reflexology session when I went over 40 weeks and went into labour the following day. After the birth I struggled a bit emotionally and had some reflexology which helped to pick me up again.”


“Victoria kept me going both physically and emotionally with her kind expert, nourishing, attention. My shoulders felt like they were melting.”


“Victoria Gazzard is quite simply the best reflexologist I have come across.  Her calm professional manner puts you at ease.  I have always left a session with Victoria feeling the benefits, I highly recommend her as a practitioner”.


“I had fertility massage with Victoria following my first IVF treatment which left me with a long and irregular cycle. Victoria really put me at ease and the whole experience was just lovely. I think I dozed off a couple of times I was that relaxed! The whole experience felt very cozy – I felt really nurtured and looked after. I’m pleased to say that literally within days my cycle got back in rhythm and has been ever since. That’s three months ago now and it’s still behaving itself. Thanks so much Victoria, hopefully now we can move on to the next step in our fertility journey.”


“Victoria is magical! Her sparkly, sweet, friendly approach is fully backed up by a great depth of knowledge, wonderful expertise, complete professionalism and a ‘no nonsense’ underlay that instills confidence, trust and a complete willingness to do as she tells you. Victoria sincerely wants to help you and adjusts her treatments to suit you as an individual.
Victoria fully relaxed both myself and my husband when we went to her for fertility assistance and I truly believe her work with us was a catalyst to the conception of our second child. A long-awaited second child where the journey had been filled with sad episodes including an ectopic pregnancy where I lost one of my fallopian tubes. Our hopes were low but Victoria lifted us and we now have a wonderful second son. Of course, we wondered why we hadn’t sought out Victoria from the outset but, in line with Victoria’s ethereal manner, we were at peace that the Universe had aligned at the right time including initiating our sessions with Victoria.
Thank you, you are a wonderful, beautiful person and a fabulous practitioner.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for another amazing therapy yesterday. I feel there’s an evident and very positive change in me since we first met and I started to receive treatments. You are the angel who brought hope back to me and that shone a light at the end of the tunnel. Your friendly and warm attitude from the first time I met you made me feel very welcomed and that you really cared, thank you. Opening up to you is easy and I feel I can trust you. Your capacity of empathy is amazing and feels honest.
Thank you so much for coming into my life.”

“Victoria provides totally fantastic holistic therapies; I have used Reflexology for stress related anxiety and Massage for relaxation. Both treatments have helped immensely and I am now better able to cope with situations that I used to find incredibly stressful. Victoria is personable, attentive and a great therapist. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends’.


“Thank you so much for all your help, advice and support during my pregnancy – I strongly suspect that your massage and advice were major factors in helping me keep active and mobile all the way through, and definitely made it much more comfortable and pleasant!”


“My legs suffer in pregnancy with cramps and restless leg & you helped them so much. I found sleeping & relaxing so much easier after each massage too.  I felt a little emotional when you said to think about the baby – we just don’t get the time to concentrate on number two. It was lovely to have that time just for me & the baby. Thank you so much.”


“I came to see Victoria to help conceive my first baby. At my first appointment, she made me feel instantly at ease and allowed me to express my concerns and thoughts without judgement. She treated me with reflexology which made me feel so relaxed and over the course of a month or two, my cycles became more regular. I am now pregnant with my first baby and it’s all thanks to Victoria for her professional advice, treatment and positivity. I would recommend her to anyone!”