Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology can be used safely from early pregnancy through to birth and is particularly effective in helping mum and baby feel calm, relaxed and balanced.

Pregnancy reflexology in an excellent tool which can support women throughout pregnancy by helping to alleviate pregnancy related symptoms and most importantly provides a time and space where the nurturer can feel nurtured and cared for herself.

By placing pressure on points on the feet that correspond to different areas, systems and organs within the body we can safely assist  with supporting the hormonal, digestive, musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems. In addition, emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression may also affect our ability to connect with the pregnancy and reflexology provides a time to let go, relax and improve mental wellbeing.

Working from the Natural Pregnancy Partnership I have vast experience of working with a wide range of pregnant women who have all been unique in their individual pregnancies and needs. I have experience in working with;  miscarriage, loss and grief, Pelvic Girdle Pain or SPD, fertility treatment and early pregnancy support, heightened stress and anxiety.


Regular reflexology sessions throughout pregnancy can help women cope with the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Reflexology can be used throughout each trimester to relieve pregnancy related symptoms and can be great for balancing hormones and can be very effective in the first and final trimester where the hormonal shift is at its greatest. It is an excellent way to promote the relaxation response bringing about a sense of peace.

Reflexology for labour – assisting the body and preparing for labour.

Reflexology can be used to help prepare the body for labour by ensuring the body and mind are balanced, relaxed and ready for the incredible journey.

During a labour preparation treatment I will focus my attention on the hormonal and the reproductive systems with the intention of waking and shaking things up. I can also use some acupressure points to help the body and mind let go. It is recommended that you receive regular reflexology treatments throughout the final trimester to prepare the body and mind both physically and emotionally for labour.

If you have a stretch and sweep booked in I would advise a reflexology session a few days before to help with its efficacy.

I often get women coming to me at the end of their trimester for reflexology worried about going overdue, but baby will be born when he/ she is ready, I can’t force labour, I can help relieve stresses, tensions and anxieties helping to improve the flow of the lovely hormones that prepare the body for birthing.