Postnatal Care

The fourth trimester, from birth up to the first year, provides a tranquil time and space to rest, be nurtured and cared for.

A postnatal session offers the chance for a women’s birthing experience to be heard and worked through, her birthing energies to be gathered back in and grounded, hormones re-balanced and the body’s muscles and ligaments to be relaxed and realigned.

For me the postnatal period is considered the first year after birth but it can take the female body as much as two years to fully recover from pregnancy and birth. This period was once a time where mothers would stay at home with their babies whilst the community would look after them, bringing food, helping around the house and looking after baby while the mother took some rest. In some cultures new mothers were regularly massaged and pampered by the other women of the village and all she had to do was feed her baby.

Postnatal Care

Unfortunately, our modern society does not seem sympathetic to allowing time for the mother to heal following labour and we have expectations of being ‘back to it’ almost immediately thinking we ‘should’ be doing everything we did before we had a baby. But the truth is the only thing that ‘should’ be done is tending to the needs of your baby and allowing others to look after you. It is no wonder women often struggle to heal fully or suffer from pregnancy and post labour issues longer than they should when they don’t allow the time to slow down and rest, I myself was very guilty of that!

All too often I see clients throughout their pregnancies only for them to neglect their own needs once their baby is born. However, sometimes it is during this time that new mums need extra support and nurturing. For me. the postnatal period was the most special but also the most challenging times of my life. During this time enormous adjustments have to be made as another person’s needs come before your own.

It is really important to know and understand that you simply cannot look after your family if you are not looking after yourself – ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’.

After birthing, postnatal massage and reflexology can be a fantastic way of rebalancing, grounding and supporting new mums. Labour can take its toll on the mind and body, emotionally, energetically, and physically. Pregnancy aches and pains may also be exacerbated after a complicated or difficult birth and sometimes my clients require some additional support to help the body realign and heal. In the early postnatal period following the birth and with limited sleep many women may feel spaced out or may even feel totally disconnected to their body’s. Babies are very connected to their mother’s and it is therefore essential for mum to feel good both emotionally and physically so that baby can feel safe and secure too.. Postnatal sessions that include reflexology, massage, healing and the use of rebozo’s (Mexican birth shawls) which are used to wrap mother in a closing the bones style way, can help them to feel grounded, rebalanced, realigned and embodied.

Reflexology and massage can be enjoyed safely during labour, after birth and is fantastic for helping manage the day three hormone crash.

In early motherhood, poor positioning whilst feeding, baby wearing and dragging car seats around can create a build up of tension and misalignment of the back, neck and shoulders which can be particularly uncomfortable especially if there was already a weakness during pregnancy.  A postnatal massage treatment will help to relieve the muscular aches and strains and will be a reminder for the importance of looking after mothers needs first which includes being reminded of good positioning and posture. It will also give mother much needed time and space to feel cared for, rebalanced and energised ready to tackle the many curve balls of motherhood.

Massage and reflexology can also be used to help breastfeeding issues, whether it’s to help improve milk flow, prevent or treat mastitis or to reduce milk production if needed for stopping feeding.

Postnatal women can receive gentle treatments in the very early postnatal period and can be enjoyed with the newborn baby snuggled with her. Often they are quite content sleeping or feeding.

I am really happy to visit my clients at home to support them during this period and to make it easier for the family. However, some mothers prefer to see me in clinic and my locations of work are very baby friendly. It is one of the absolute perks of my job –  seeing new babies and sometimes if I’m really lucky, I even get a cuddle!

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Treatments

  • Postnatal Rejuvenation 90 minute treatment; a fusion of closing the bones massage, reflexology, reiki, metamorphic touch or EFT £80
  • Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage 1 hour £60
  • Postnatal Pampering Home Visit 90 minutes £85
  • EFT for releasing emotions or memories associated with a challenging birth experience £55