Reflexology is a complimentary therapy that uses massage and pressure on the feet to bring about internal balance and a sense of deep relaxation.

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that works on the premise that by massaging the feet (or hands) we can promote a healing response within the body. We work on the idea that areas of the feet correspond to certain parts and system within body for example the toes reflect the head and the heal area relates to the  pelvic region. For more information please take a look at this brilliant interactive chart here .

As a reflexologist, I can detect areas in the feet that may have imbalances by feeling lumps or crystals that can restrict flow to the corresponding region. On a more subtle level it is possible to detect energetic imbalances too. By massaging or thumb / finger walking these regions and the ‘zones’ that they lie in I encourage flow both energetically and physically via the circulatory and nervous system. It is important to say that reflexology is a complementary therapy and sits well alongside conventional medicine, however as reflexologists we are unable to diagnose conditions as we are not medically trained to do so.

Reflexology with Victoria Gazzard

Reflexology can be described as a wonderfully relaxing treatment because it works specifically on the nervous system, it helps switch off the stress hormones and stimulates the happy hormones. By disabling the fight or flight mode the body is brought back into balance or homeostasis. Once the body and mind is in a calm and rested state of being, our friendly hormones get to work providing natural pain relief, improving mood and feelings of wellbeing and the immune system can also be boosted.

“When the relaxation response is called on, heart rate and blood pressure drop. Breathing rate and oxygen consumption decline because of the profound decrease in the need for energy. Brain waves shift from an alert beta rhythm to a relaxed alpha rhythm. Blood flow to the muscles decreases, and instead, blood is sent to the brain and skin, producing a feeling of warmth and rested mental alertness.”

Dr. Joan Borysenko.

Reflexology can be used to ease stress related disorders such as high blood pressure, headaches, IBS, Eczema, insomnia, exhaustion and low mood. It has excellent results in helping to manage symptoms of fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders and can also be used to balance the hormonal system and help with fertility and is wonderfully supportive during pregnancy.

I am also now qualified in Hot Stone Reflexology.

So book in for a treatment and see for yourself……