Metamorphic Touch

Metamorphic Touch is a deeply relaxing light touch treatment that focuses on the feet, hands and head.

The time developing and growing in the womb is a very formative time and is where we establish our blueprint for life. Emotional stresses, upsets and traumas experienced by mother and subsequently ourselves during this time in utero can anchor patterns which will shape and challenge us in the future. The metamorphic technique is a practice of gentle touch and unconditional love which acts as a catalyst to your own life force energy, helping bring you back to the person you were always meant to be.

Just as each seed contains it’s own unique blueprint of it’s sheer potential, without the earth, it remains just a dormant seed. Metamorphic Technique is like the earth that helps the seed grow into it’s true potential.

By lightly stroking the spinal line on the feet, hands and head corresponding to reflexology points we are allowing the clients own life force to transform any imprints that may have been acquired during gestation.. We offer a safe space in which the person can grow, authentically, from the inside out.

Metamorphic Touch with Victoria Gazzard

By transforming ingrained patterns that can result in energetic, emotional and behavioural blocks to living our soul’s true potential we can transform and positively move forward in our lives.

This is perfect for anyone experiencing a feeling of ‘stuckness’ and those who are at a pivotal point of change in their lives.

Metamorphic Touch involves very gentle and light touch to the feet, hands and head and can therefore be used on absolutely anyone as it does not stimulate the body in any way. It has been described by one of my clients as ‘the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had’. It compliments my fertility and pregnancy work beautifully and can also be used on babies and children and the elderly.

Unlike other treatments, the practitioner remains detached from the client and therefore the session is conducted without consultation, advice or counselling. We trust that the innate intelligence directs the Life Force energy of the client to help facilitate personal growth and I do not need to know why you may need it or what for.

Metamorphic Touch is an amazing new modality that provides a catalyst for the recipients own life force to heal and transform old patterns that have been formed from conception and during the time developing in the womb.