Emotional Freedom Techniques

(EFT or Tapping)

EFT is a wonderful talking and energy clearing therapy that safely and gently acknowledges and releases unwanted emotions such as stress and anxiety, anger and grief associated with past memories, experiences and traumas.

EFT was originally developed by an American performance coach, Gary Craig, who wanted to work on emotional blocks to success. It is now gaining increasing popularity and is particularly successful in treating trauma, PTSD, anxiety as well as physical symptoms and conditions as the link between mind and body are addressed and worked on together.

By tapping on meridian points or key acupressure points, whilst exploring the root cause of feelings and their corresponding sensations in the body, we can help rebalance and clear the body’s energy systems where these negative thought patterns and their emotional echoes can become stuck. According to Chinese medicine, the holding on of negative emotions can manifest in physical illness and this idea is proven to be true in Western medicine as now stress is widely accepted to be a huge contributing factor to many illnesses and diseases.

Our early childhood experiences can have a huge impact on who we are and what we carry with us as adults, influencing our core beliefs and patterns of behaviour. EFT can gently get to the bottom of underlying issues, feelings and blocks that hold us back and do not serve our true potential, expansion and personal evolution. 

EFT is particularly useful in helping clients who are struggling with stress and anxiety, negative thought patterns concerning pregnancy or the ability to get pregnant, negative thoughts towards the body and body image, birthing anxiety or trauma.


EFT is an excellent tool that work quickly to resolve deeply rooted issues, memories, patterns of behaviour, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

EFT is a very simple technique and can be taught in only one session, it can be used at home and is an excellent tool to help manage emotions and challenging situations.

I use EFT as a stand alone treatment and it also works really well in combination with other therapies and is excellent for fertility issues, grief from miscarriage and birth trauma and anxiety.