Holistic Massage

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Holistic Massage can be used to satisfy anyone from the elderly to sports people.

Holistic massage draws upon techniques from many different forms of massage which are incorporated into a session where appropriate.  Therefore there is no set routine and each massage is tailored to the requirements of the client whether to relieve the symptoms of sports related muscle strain or stress related tension.

I like to work closely with my clients, encouraging feedback and openness about the treatment as I believe we are working together to achieve what we have set out in the consultation. Massage is not just something I do to my clients; it is something I do with them. This helps give a sense of ownership of the body and a responsibility to look after it which is why I also offer aftercare advice post treatment.

I am intuitive in my approach and will have a general idea of how I might work but I will also go with the flow and see how the body responds throughout the massage. The mind and body can get used to and switch off from pain and discomfort and sometimes, it isn’t until the body is touched and awareness is drawn to the area that this becomes apparent. Equally pain and discomfort in an area can also result from an issue experienced elsewhere, therefore it is important to adapt and flow as the body and mind learns to trust and let go.

Long relaxing strokes, trigger point release, deeper tissue techniques, rocking, passive mobilisations and stretches, energy healing

As well as using traditional massage strokes I also incorporate passive stretches and joint mobilisations into my sessions, gently coaxing and moving the body and joints, encouraging the muscles and joints to work and operate more freely.  I am able to work gently with a nurturing and healing approach or incorporate a stronger and more deeper tissue way of working where required. Depending on the client I may also include some relaxing energy / Reiki to finish that can help continue the feelings of peace and wellbeing.

Holistic massage is not easy to describe without repeating clichés such as ‘person centred’ and ‘treating the whole person’, I would say my holistic massage is tailored yet evolving, dynamic and still, traditional and experimental but most of all nurturing and caring.

I have treated the elderly, rugby players, triathletes, dancers, pregnant women and clients suffering from back pain and auto-immune conditions. However, no client is the same and each session will vary to ensure an individual and tailored approach is incorporated to meet their specific needs.

I am now fully qualified in Hot Stone Massage ready for the Autumn / Winter

In addition to Holistic Massage I am also now qualified in Hot Stone Massage which is a deeper more relaxing treatment that uses warm volcanic stones that are used to heat the muscles enabling us to work more deeply. The effects are claimed to be more relaxing, grounding and more effective in treating muscle tension in the body.


So book in for a treatment and see for yourself……