Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that uses alternating pressure on areas of the feet (and hands) that correspond to different areas, organs and systems within the body.  

It is extremely gentle and very efficient at calming the nervous system which is essential for anyone with hormonal and reproductive issues. The stress response can be directly linked to the disruption of these two delicate systems. When in fight or flight mode, especially if this sever or chronic, conditions can worsen, pain may increase, ovulation may stop and emotionally, fertility challenges may feel harder to cope with.

Reproductive Reflexology is more than just a general wellbeing reflexology treatment as it is adapted and focussed on the individual condition that a client may be diagnosed with, the symptoms that they may be experiencing as well as the timing within the menstrual cycle or their stage in fertility treatment. It involves a series of treatments, often weekly for a month or two until improvement is made with the condition or the cycle.

For those who are using reflexology in preparation for conception whether natural or assisted I strongly recommend that a three month preconception care programme is implemented to prepare the body and mind for conception. This includes looking into physical and emotional health and making various dietary and lifestyle changes if necessary.

Reproductive reflexology is targeted and uses specific protocols that aim to:

  1. Prepare the body and mind for natural and assisted conception
  2. Support women diagnosed with reproductive health conditions
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety associated with gynaecological and reproductive issues
  4. Support women going through fertility investigations and IVF treatment
  5. Nurture and rebalance women who have experienced miscarriage or loss

The very first treatment involves a thorough consultation where I will explore my client’s journey with them, look into their physical and emotional health and identify any areas which could be improved upon. I may offer some health and lifestyle advice that may need to be incorporated and will help my clients gain a better understanding of the themselves, their body and their cycles. This session usually includes a short taster session and from all the information gathered, I will formulate an individual fertility programme that will take into account any underlying conditions and needs.  The reflexology treatments I offer will vary depending on my clients needs and may range from helping to regulate an erratic cycle, to providing support through the IVF process.

Reproductive reflexology sessions work in harmony alongside fertility massage, acupuncture and medicated cycles.

Please get in touch for an informal chat if you would like to find out whether reproductive reflexology may be of benefit to you.