Natural Fertility

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Fertility Massage and Reflexology

Infertility and subfertility are becoming increasingly common resulting in many couples seeking medical assistance to help them conceive. There may be many reasons for fertility issues such as a medical history of endometrioses, PCOS, infections or issues with sperm quantity or quality. Or maybe after thorough testing there could frustratingly be nothing to explain why couples just aren’t getting pregnant or are miscarrying.

I have undertaken extensive and thorough training courses in Fertility Massage and Reproductive Reflexology in order to best support my women who are suffering from hormonal and reproductive health issues and  / or are trying to conceive. Combining both the reflexology and fertility massage and by incorporating some EFT if needed we can use a multi skilled approach to heal both body and mind.

Reproductive reflexology is a special form of reflexology that uses specific protocols that can be used:

  1. As part of a pre-conception care programme to prepare the body for conception
  2. To promote healing of conditions affecting the reproductive system and hormonal system both of which are intricately linked
  3. To prepare the body and mind for assisted conception
  4. To work alongside assisted conception such as IUI and IVF

Fertility Massage and Women’s Wellness Massage

Fertility Massage is a special form of massage which focuses on the sacral and abdominal area’s. The massage is deep on both an emotional, spiritual and physical level as we work to heal our power centre of creativity. I use a combination of approaches using sound, movement, stretches, massage techniques, energetic healing, guided visualisations and rebozo body wrapping to enhance the body mind connection and inspire a really deep sense of relaxation.

Fertility Massage can be done throughout the menstrual cycle and fertility treatment but the deeper lower abdominal massage can only be carried out at the end of bleed up until ovulation if you are trying to conceive.

Using sound, movement, stretches, massage techniques, energetic healing, guided visualisations and rebozo body cocooning for deep relaxation

Before we begin our sessions I conduct a thorough consultation and then set out an individual fertility programme that will take into account any underlying conditions and needs. I may offer health and lifestyle advice that and can help couples to understand their cycles better through charting. The reflexology treatments will vary depending on my clients and can range from helping to regulate erratic cycles, providing support through the process of IVF.

Reflexology and massage are excellent tools that can be used to help manage stress related conditions as well as those affecting the hormonal and reproductive systems which are all delicately and intrinsically linked.

Sessions can improve mood and promote a sense of wellbeing as they provide a time and space to be cared for and nurtured.

Please get in touch for an informal chat if you would like to find out whether reproductive reflexology may be of benefit to you.